My name is Kransky and I am a black French Bulldog. I was born in Malta on 19th October 2004 and brought out to Australia by the wonderful Lyn Borg. I lived a happy life in Kings Cross in Sydney with Belinda and Jon until 1st February 2011 when I was killed at Sydney Airport due to the negligence and complete failure of a duty of care by Animal Travel , MASkargo and Malaysian Airlines.


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  1. Col says:

    The postcards of your little mate Kransky still circulate around the X and Potts Point… so very sorry to hear about your loss. Devastating beyond words. Hoping there has been some traction on Clover Moore’s appeal re issues of unregulated pet transport. Did you ever get a response from the various people / companies involved in this? Hope you have settled into wonderful Berlin life and you have a new frenchie to help move forward. Col

  2. Ylva says:

    Me and my partner found a postcard with a very cute little puppy on. We put it on the wall in our unit here in Australia. We moved here six months ago for studies and might stay for up to four years. Back home our two lovely bengal cats live with my parents and we have talked so many times to bring them here.
    Today the sweet little dog fell from the wall and when I attempted to put him back up I read the text on the back. I froze when I read that he died at the airport and rushed to the computor to find this website.
    I can’t believe how this could have happened! And the answer on comments RSS from Animal Travel was so rude and cynical that I was chocked!
    Thanks for sharing your horrbile, unimaginable experience. I have definitely decided NOT to do a PhD here, but to return back home to my cats. IF we’re not allowed to keep them in the cabin. But as I have understood thats not an issue in Australia.
    I have put little Kransky back on the wall. He has always been a subject of admiration from me and my boyfriend when we’ve been curled up in the sofa, missing our cats. Though, now I will be heartbroken everytime I see him.

  3. Shocker for all concerned. Totally unacceptable care. Very very sad to read it, and for Kransky. 😦 The names of those found wanting in their duty of care will be remembered. Dr Dave Nicol.

  4. Kristy says:

    What heart breaking news. My heart aches thinking about the loss of your beloved Kransky. The love the three of you shared is so obvious in the photographs.
    What a tragic loss, made worse by the fact that it could have been so easily avoided had just one person at MASkargo taken the time or care.
    Our heart goes out to Belinda & Jon

  5. Hannah says:

    Literally shedding tears as I read this at my desk at work. I only just imported my pet Bailey, a 10-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix, from the States last November and your reality was my constant fear from the day he was picked up in NYC at my front door until the day I could remove him from quarantine in Eastern Creek. As pet owners, we place so much trust in people responsible for the care of our animals, it’s impossible to imagine that they would abuse that trust and in turn neglect our little loved ones. I will be mailing out your postcard immediately and send you my thoughts and prayers during this time.

  6. ryan says:

    Saw the postcard at rushcutters bay today. This never should have happened.

    Kransky will foreever be remembered.

    Very sad.

  7. Ruth says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your precious little mate. The photos show a dog with such charm and charisma. It is so upsetting to read about this, I can’t even imagine the pain you are going through. I really hope something positive will come out of this, urgent action is required to stop it happening again.

  8. Janet says:

    Today I picked up Kransky’s post card from Paddo Pets. It is stamped and on it’s way. Janet

  9. Holly says:

    I am so incredibly sad to read Kransky’s story. I found one of your postcards this morning in Rushcutters Bay and was immediately drawn to his beautiful face staring back at me. I will be sending it to Barry O’Farrell today.

  10. thefullreport says:

    In tears. I am so very, very, very sorry for your loss. And I am horrified by the inhumane & stupid treatment of a beloved family member.

    Hopefully airlines will soon realize how the needs of ALL travelers must be addressed. Flying with my Frenchie was the most stressful & terrifying experience of my life. The flight crew were verbally abusive to me and one actually refused me ice when I asked. Although he was sitting on my lap, I was terrified he was going to die because they wouldn’t help with the basics (more water, ice).

    I’m so sorry this happened. Kransky deserved much, much more.
    Wishing you healing and peace.

  11. In tears. So heartbreaking. As an animal lover, I can’t even begin to known your pain.

  12. jules says:

    I am so sorry to hear your saddest news , what a terrible loss you have encountered. You will always remember him fondly….keep those memories close to you. And as you go through the grief , remember there are those around you who share your feelings. I hope you have much success with whatever outcome you seek. And thank you for sharing your story…as this will help others with their decision making too. …from caring strangers.

  13. Belsie says:

    Heartbreaking story. I hope you have some accountability and closure soon.
    Go gently.

  14. Klaudija says:

    This is so very sad & tragic. I cried after reading this.
    It is a warning to all pet owners. The individual people should be held accountable as well as the company.
    I will never even consider this company if and when I choose to transport an animal.

    Very sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy.

  15. Simone says:

    Rest peacefully now beautiful angel. This is a terrible outcome for what should have been a new life for you all. This should never have happened. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. xoxo

  16. Neville says:

    Your Beautiful Pet i wish i could bring back to you…Such a Beautiful dog. Not using just words! I was cut when reading what happened. I still am………………………….

  17. Kellie Robertson says:

    How heartbreaking. I am so sorry. What a terrible loss.

    I am passing around this story to every Vet surgery I know of. Just to let them know Kransky’s story and not to use this airline or crate service. I am disgusted that they treat precious animals (family members) like this.

    This is too sad for words. I really feel for you both.

  18. missfliss says:

    This is just so so sad.
    I am happy that Clover Moore has seen that this is a big issue, however it is incredibly sad that it has taken the loss and campaigning of you as owners for something to be initiated – lets hope this highlights an awareness to companies that the priority of a customers precious cargo is number one. It should never come second.

  19. Meagan says:

    My heart cries for Kransky and for your loss. I really hope you are successful in your lobbying. Hopefully you can save someone else from suffering such a horrendous death.

  20. Kelly says:

    So sorry for your loss,and little Kransky passing.your story is so heartbreaking…
    i have recently lost my cat of 17 years(old age),and in that time of having him,i had him flown from melbourne to sydney x2 times,both times were ok. However i wasnt!… so worried where he might be on the plane,if he is ok… its so understandable,that you trust a company to take care of the animal when you hand them over… i dont know what to say to you both, my heart aches for you and kransky,but the love and life he lived with you in his short time is paramount of love and joy i’m sure.
    his life is not in vain,as he will be the ‘face’ of ensuring animals are catered for better via travel.
    Angel Blessings to you all

  21. Frederique says:

    My friend form RSPCA gave me your link, I am so sorry for your loss and what a shame. I think my frenchy is related to yours, maybe brothers or half brother. Oscar from Lyn Borg as well, he will be 3 years in June.

    I hope you will press charge and gave them a bad time for the loss of your baby boy, for a while I was thinking coming back to live in Paris with Oscar, unfortunately I heard terrible stories about dog transports, as you know french bulldogs do not travel well. I made my choice to stay here and take Oscar to boarding with Lyn when I am overseas.

    I am sending you all my love and support.

    Let me know if you want to see a pic of Oscar de La Renta 🙂


  22. Lauren says:

    Devastating and appalling beyond words. My thoughts are with you.

  23. allisha says:

    Hi, my names Allisha,
    I’m one of Alana’s friends.
    I’m so sorry to hear about Kransky.
    I heard about the news before this website was constructed and was appalled to hear what the airline had done and their negligence towards your cutest puppy Kransky.

    I’m a massive dog lover and i could not imagine the pain and grief you both would be feeling.
    i hope you pursue the case make a point of his little short life..

    My hearts with you both Belinda and Jon,<3


  24. jessica says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I would deffinitly press charges or sue the hell out of them! What were you paying for? What heartless human abandons an animal like that?

  25. Kristin Voumard says:

    Belinda and Jon, So very sorry to read about Kransky, Elliott and Kransky were related,
    they had wonderful Frenchie romps in Rushcutters Bay park.
    Darcy, Elliott and I will miss Kransky. He was a dear sweet boy.

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